Percussive suggestion technique


Percussive Suggestion Technique is an amazing and very new therapy which has been developed as a result of many years research into the mechanisms of the mind. In particular those mechanisms which seemingly hold on like glue to unwanted behaviours and emotions, making them impossible to blot out.

The technique has been described as an eraser for the mind, and works by neutralising the unwanted behaviours through interrupting the usual patterns of negative responses in uncomfortable situations. In other words the effects of situations which normally elicit a negative or debilitating response can be reduced to a mere shell of their former stranglehold.

Because of its wide application it can be used to reduce and eradicate many forms of unwanted behaviours including stress, depression, anger, resentment, phobias, panic attacks and much more.

Within the learning difficulties field it can usefully be applied to reduce the effects of low self esteem and the many unwanted emotions produced by a reduction in learning capability. Uncomfortable reactions to reading, writing, spelling and number work such as foggyness, anxiety, sickness and confusion etc can be reduced, as can anxiety caused by difficulty in carrying out normal tasks requiring motor skills. It can also be used to reduce the anxiety of being in the classroom, tutorials or any learning situation generally, including revision, weekly tests and exams etc.

For a student or adult in work PSTEC can be used to reduce anxiety when giving presentations, during interviews/interviewing, at times of pressure and when attending training courses etc as well as the areas mentioned above.

Using PSTEC in combination with the NES infoceuticals can also create a synergistic effect in that reducing anxiety and other constant unwanted behaviours, more energy will automatically be released to speed up physiological healing.

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